• Individual: To heal unresolved wounds from childhood, achieve a greater sense of awareness and self-esteem, reduce troubling symptoms of anxiety and depression, address addiction, improve relationships, break unhealthy patterns, and utilize resources for change.
  • Couples and family: Helping couples with communication problems, marital discord, loss of romance from infidelity, sexual and intimacy difficulties, and step-family adjustment / Families - deal with parenting issues, reduce conflict with adolescents, divorce and custody issues, abusive relationship, and develop more mutually satisfying and caring relationships.
  • Child/Adolescent/Teen: issues with self-esteem, history of abuse, drug-use, truancy, defiance, social/cultural maladjustment, school performance, friendship
  • Group
    • Domestic Violence
    • Parenting
    • Anger Management/ Stress Management
Psychological Assessments & Testing
  • Learning Disabilities/ ADHD
  • Neuropsychological screening
  • Personality
  • IQ/ EQ
  • Career change/ College Major selection
  • Coaching & Goal Setting
  • Presentations, Seminars & Workshops
  • Clinical Supervision & consultation
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